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Mathew Billington is a great freelance illustrator/ designer based out of Vancouver, BC. His work, a mix of surrealism and retro styles have been featured in magazines, blogs and most recently in a collaboration with Urban Outfitters and Society 6, where they will be selling his art. Lets have a chat with him!

1.Welcome to Think Smart Blog, Mathew ! We’re glad to have you on board with your amazing and creative style! Tell us a little bit about you and your illustration career up to this point?

After graduating Sheridan College with Bachelor of Applied Arts majoring in illustration I was doing everything but illustration. Dog walker and working with graphic design stuff. I was still developing a voice and aesthetic over the past 2 years. Until about 4 months ago I began promoting my personal illustration work. It's been a great all the feedback and attention my work has been getting. Magazine spotlights, interviews by the dozens blog.

2.When did you first realized you loved art?

Since I can remember. I have drawings from when I was 5 years old. I can still remember watching cartoons and drawing the characters. Growing up with Bob Ross I have a ton of his dvd's still. Maybe that's the next step introducing "happy little landscapes."

3.What media do you use or programs? and about illustration that you love so much?

I use all found objects, old magazines and emphimera. Along with my scanner, the old cut and paste method and some photoshop techniques. Illustration is great it's more of a lifestyle then a job. As in your life revolves around illustration 24/7.

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4.What/who are your major influences?

I pull from a mix of various inspirations, music, culture, family, b-horror movies, Gil Elvgren some of the heavy hitters in illustration today,Dadaism and other modern day collager's,swiss typography, band posters, vintage advertising the list goes on and on.

5.Your posters are a mix of Retro and Surrealism. How do you come up with the concepts?

The images sort of evolve on their own. As much as you can plan the rough stage, the final product is usually some what of a surprise. The concepts I develop are layered and juxtaposed in a way that can explode faces and intrigue the senses.

6.Is illustration your main obsession or have you worked in some other fields such as graphic design?

Yes, I've worked with Pre press production, corporate branding and motion graphics.

7.Do you think professionals should take time out to mentor beginners? Why or why not?

I definitely think the mentor protege relationship is an important thing. In school it was mandatory to take on a co-op or internship. I had the chance to briefly work with two amazing illustrators Shingo Shimizu and Dushan Milic. In an industry that is very abstract and not clear cut it's nice to see the process first hand.

8.Is their any big projects you are currently working on that we could look out for?

Some time after the Easter weekend 2010 keep your eye out for my recent collaboration with Urban Outfitters and Society 6. They will be selling t-shirts, iphone & laptop skins on their online store sold exclusively at

9.Thank you for taking the time to be interviewed by "Think Smart Designs". Any last tips for up and coming artists?

Thanks for having me any last tips...Hustle! All the new comers get out there and you may be surprised at the response you get.

10. Where can we find you online?

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