4 Packaging Desginer Alessandro Under The Spotlight

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Alessandro Paiva is a graphic/packaging designer from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. He likes to think outside the box and reinforces that it's always important to think about sustainability. Lets have a chat with him!

1.Hi Alessandro Welcome to Think Smart Designs, it's an honor to have you here. Tell us a little bit about yourself.Where you come from,your education and what made you get into design.

I'm from Belo Horizonte, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil. I'm a college graduated in advertising, but have been working as a graphic designer since 2001. I got into design occasionally. I worked as an intern in some advertising agencies, doing art direction and copy writing, but graphic design was more interesting and fun, so, all of a sudden, I became a designer.

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2. I see you have a lot of packaging featured on your website.Is that what you are specialized on or you also work on some other fields as of print and web?Anything new you have been working on?

Initially, I did only print, but in 2006 I started working in a design office called Coral Design, specialized in packaging, although there were print too. At that office, we used to work mainly with the dairy industry, designing packaging for milk, butter, cheese, yogurt etc. We also worked with mineral waters, juices, candies, cosmetics, sauces, sodas and a lot more. So, there was no way I could get away from packaging. Right now I'm working with print, brands and will start a long project for a new cosmetic company from Finland. For this company, I've designed the logo and will start the packaging part. About web, I've never done any work but my website, that's why it is very very very simple. Webdesign is too complicated and I don't dare trying that!

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3.. How do to come up with your ideas? Tell us a little bit about your brain storm and working process. How do you come up with concept?

Well, I always say that references are the fuel for creativity. Even if the designer is the most gifted one, he has to see what is out there in the design world. When you see lots of design works, you stimulate your creativity. You can check out design books, magazines, websites and/ or blogs and get images or stuff that will certainly help you later. Everyday, I take a tour on my favorite websites and blogs and collect images that can help me and inspire me on my current or future works.

About the brain storm, we have to respect the clients requests and wishes. They know their company much better that anyone else. Having that in mind, we have to check everything (designwise) related to those clients, such as competitors, audience, market etc, than, later, come up with the brain storming. No idea can be discarded. We have to think hard and do not accept fast conclusions. Everything has to be well thought and planned. So, doing that way, the best and innovative things will come out. If any difficulties come up, "take a look" at the images that you've collected, books, websites etc and try to get more creative. If that still doesn't help, don't worry. Go home and rest. The next day you may have a nice fresh idea that comes up.

4. How comprehensive would you say your knowledge of design is? Do you think your designs always hit the target audience you are designing for?

Today there are so many things in design. Knowing a bit of everything is ok, but I try to specialize myself in few areas: print, banding and packaging. As for the target audience, I believe I've never had a problem. Before starting any design work, there are some other professionals that help to build a design plan, which consists on: surveys, market analysis, audience profile etc. Having that, it's time to create. This whole process helps me to make the right design, even if it's not the most beautiful or creative one. Actually, most of the time I'm facing projects which creativity is not related to innovative shapes or graphics, but to what the audience really want to see and buy.

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5.Are you always 100% happy with your designs?

Not everytime we can do what we want to do. This is how market works. I live in a traditional country, where people are not very receptive to different things. Brazilians like to see others using something first. If that works, than they'll start using too. Innovation can be a risk under those circumstances. So let's say I'm 85% happy. If part of those 15% hits the target and sells a lot, I forgive it (lol)!

6.How much time does it take to come up with a new packaging design ? do you work well under pressure?

Depends on the project. A TetraPak or some juice label design can take o short time. On the other hand, the shape of a bottle or a box for a cologne can take a lot more. It depends on the material, prototype tests etc. About the pressure... it's wonderful to work with enough time, so we can think and rethink our designs. Unfortunately it's not always like that. But I can't complain. My clients are very understanding and know that a project needs a certain time to be well done.

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7.Have you been it situations where problems have arisen between
you and the designer due to a lack of understanding from either party?

Well, I work in a different partnership. In some studios where I worked for, there was a creative director to guide me in some projects. Other studios I was the creative director. Yes, most of the time we (me and the other part) had different opinions, but, in the end, there were no hard feelings and we always end up with a reasonable conclusion.

8. Do you market yourself to a particular type of client such as high end design, more towards low cost, or to put an emphasis on any environmental stance you might have?

Usually I try not to refuse a client because of its size or proposal. It will depend on my availability, interest in the job etc.

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9. If you could change anything in general about designers, what would it be?

Tough question... I cannot change other peoples minds when design is the subject. I could advise them to go crazy on their designs, but always focusing the market and its reality.

10.Are there any designers or designs out there that inspire you?

The historical artists inspire me a lot. I can quote Monet, Toulouse-Lautrec, Ingres, Van Gogh, Dali and a lot more. Those painters made history with their experiences with shapes, colors, boldness, particular techniques, personality etc.

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11.How you you feel about sustainability? Do you always think about it when creating a new packaging?

Certainly! Right now I'm part of a commission called "MP Sustentável" (Ministério Público Sustentável, wich means Public Ministry Sustainable). Besides doing the print for the campaigns, I also discuss with others the effectiveness of the program and try to propose solutions for eventual problems.

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12.What has been your most challenging project to date and why?

It's about to happen. This cosmetic company from Finland will have stores in Vancouver, Toronto, London, Stockholm and Helsinki. Different places, different cultures, different suppliers and the hardest part: very distant from Brazil. But I'm very excited about this project and hope It will be a huge success.

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13.where can we find you online?

You can visit my website www.alessandropaiva.com (I have to work on that) or send me an e-mail to contato@alessandropaiva.com.
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