0 30 amazing vintage movie posters

Movies are a huge source of great poster designs, it’s been the case for quite a while now. The following collection gives you an overview of good vintage poster designs. Many of these posters are on sale at, so do a search there if you’re looking to buy one of the posters.

1. Dorian Gray

dorian gray

2. Forbidden planet

forbidden planet

3. Vertigo

vertigo poster

3. There’s no place to hide when the dead are alive

4. Ex-Lady


5. The Green Hornet strikes again

the green hornet

6. Bunny Lake is Missing

bunny lake is missing

7. King Kong


8. The Lady Vanishes

the lady vanishes

9. Godzilla 1985

godzilla 1985

10. Devil Girl from Mars

devil girl from mars

11. Metropolis


12. Bonjour Tristesse

bonjour tristesse

13. Marooned


14. Body and Soul

body and soul

15. Invaders from Mars

invaders from mars

16. The Jazz Singer

the jazz singer

17. The Wall

pink floyd the wall

18. Barbarella

barbarella poster

19. Teorema


20. The Abominable Snowman

the abominable snowman

21. What ever happened to Baby Jane

baby jane

22. Planet of Vampires

planet of vampires

23. Target for Tonight

target for tonight

24. Planet of the Apes

Polish version
planet of the apes

25. Catch 22

catch 22

26. The Virgin & The Gypsy

virgin and gypsy

27. El Condor

el condor

28. Barry Lyndon

barry lindon

29. Colossus: The Forbin Project

colossus the forbin project

30. In a Lonely Place

in a lonely place
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