6 30 Great Print Advertisement Campains

As a designer, I always liked those catchy advertisement campaigns and high production television commercials. Today, print ads still remain as a very powerful and effective way for advertisers to reach their audience. Here is a good selection of them.

1. Bose Noise reduction Headphones: Waterfall

Bose noise reduction headphones: Waterfall

2. Belgian Association for Obese Patients: Encourage Your Children to do More Sport

BOLD: Tree

3. Glassex Window Cleaner: Magician

Glassex Window Cleaner: Magician

4. Lazer Cycle Helmets: Hospital

5. Senior Self Defence Academy: Deadly Seniors, Biker

Senior Self Defence Academy: Deadly seniors, Biker

6. Pepsi Twist

Pepsi: Lemon twist

7. Timotei: Lion

Timotei Styling Mousse: Lion

8. German Olympic Sport Federation: David

German Olympic Sport Federation: David

9. Nikol Baking Tray: Jacuzzi

Nikol baking dish: Jacuzzi

10. Softlan Ultra: Wrestling

Softlan Ultra: Wrestling

11. Alka Seltzer: Hangover

Alka Seltzer: Kitten

12. Kodak Rechargeable Batteries: Tiger

13. Utopolis Group of Cinemas: Titanic

Utopolis, Group of cinemas: Titanic

14. Pedigree Light: Flower

15. Listerine Mouthwash: Sermon

Listermint Mouthwash: Priest

16. Pringles Hot and Spicy: Balloon

Pringles Hot & Spicy: Hot air balloon

17. Guinness: Einstein

Guinness beer: Einstein

18. DynaKids Vitamins: Making Kids Stronger


19. Loteria de la Provincia de Buenos Aires: Money

Loteria de la Provincia de Buenos Aires: Money

20. Chupa Chups Sugar Free: Ants

21. 3M Scotch Magic Tape: Overload

3M Scotch® Magic™ Tape: Overloaded, 1

22. Fibermesh Concrete Reinforcement: Karate

Fibermesh Concrete Reinforcement: Karate

23. Kayaking Jumbo Peanuts: Choking

Kayaking Jumbo Peanut: Choking

24. WMF: Sharper Than You Think

WMF knives: Fly

25. Maglite: Gallery

Maglite: Museum

26. Nissan: Chickens

27. Nutri Balance: Husband

Nutri Balance: Husband

28. Bare Wet Suits: Stay Down Longer

Bare Wetsuits: Prune

29. Tolnaftate Cream: Fish

Tolnaftate cream: Fish

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Don't get the boy climbing the tree?
Very subtle with the tough guy lying on the ground with the zimmer frame next to him.
The cat as a washing-up rag , like that.
The chicken sitting in a bath of eatableness(don't know how else to describe it)Hate it and like it.
Like the hay and the lorry.
Wrinkled skin from staying down longer, took me a while to get that one.
I not sure if your meant to like or dislike these type of pictures, or just puzzle over them.

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