0 Great Brazilian Ad Campains

I looked up at ads of the world and it seems that Brazilian agencies know what they are doing when it comes to advertising. They have great creativity to create great ad campains.Check some of them out and enjoy!

Morumbi Shopping Fashion Mall:Fall-Winter Collections2009
Now at MorumbiShooping Mall, soon on the streets

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Brazil
Art Director: Renato Butori
Copywriter: M‡rio Cintra
Photographer: Miro

Morumbi Shopping Fashion Mall: Street

Free your clothes from odors
Advertising Agency: DDB Brazil
Creative Directors: Rodrigo Almeida, Renata Florio, Júlio Andery, Rodolfo Sampaio, Sérgio Valente
Art Director: Cicero Souza
Copywriter: Cristiano Cera
Photography: Rodrigo Ribeiro
Illustration: Seagulls Fly

Brastemp: Free your clothes from odors, 3

Brastemp: Free your clothes from odors, 2

Brastemp: Free your clothes from odors, 1

Derma Master:
We know what a pimple can do to you.
Advertising Agency: DDB Brazil
Creative Directors: Sergio Valente, Rodrigo Almeida, Renata Florio, Julio Andery, Rodolfo Sampaio
Copywriter: Renata Florio
Art Directors: Alexandre Magre, Daniel Lemos
Photographer: Manolo Moran
Illustrator: 24/7
Art Buyer: Carolina Galastri
Account Supervisor: Maristela P. Correa
Advertiser's Supervisor: Meire Gonzaga
Producer: Nereu Marinho

Derma Master: Pimple, 3
Derma Master: Pimple, 2
Derma Master: Pimple, 1

Poly Juice:
Most people think that what counts is to compete. It’s a good thing that you are entitled to your own opinion.
Advertising Agency: Estúdio TZ, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director / Art Director: Tiago Zanatta
Copywriter: Luis Godinho
Illustrators: Marcus Silva, Tiago Zanatta
Retouch: Ronaldo Córnea

Poly Juice: Opinion
Poly Juice: Medal

Poly Juice: Compete

Soccer is our music Eldorado ESPN Radio. The best of soccer is on 107,3 FM.
Advertising Agency: Neogama/BBH, São Paulo, Brazil
Copywriter: Laura Esteves
Art Director: Pepê
Creative Directors: Marcio Ribas, Wilson Mateos
Executive Creative Director: Alexandre Gama
Photographer: Jair Lanes
Digital Retouch: Daniel Leão, Alexandre Calvin

ESPN: Soccer is our music, 3

ESPN: Soccer is our music, 2

MTV: now by satellite, stay tuned.
Advertising Agency: Loducca, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Guga Ketzer
Art Directors: Daniel Poletto, Kika Botto, Carlos Thunm
Copywriters: Rodrigo Senra, Andre Godoi
Photographer: Raul Krebs

MTV: Stay tuned, 3

MTV: Stay tuned, 2

Rios Illustration Studio:
We put anything on paper.

Advertising Agency: Artplan, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Creative Director: Roberto Vilhena
Art Directors: Bernardo Romero, Maite Albuquerque
Copywriter: Ricardo Dolla
Illustrator: Otavio Rios
Other additional credits: Marcello Pereira, Aderi, Pepe, Barbie
Published: January 2009

Rios Illustration Studio: Dino

Rios Illustration Studio: Eiffel Tower

IMIP: Decide
One of these two will get your organs, you decide.

Advertising Agency: Ampla, Recife, Brazil
Creative Director: Manuel Cavalcanti
Art Director: Humberto Montenegro
Copywriter: Juliana Lisboa
Illustrator: Queiroz
Photographer: Thomas Baccaro
Image: Erick Levay

IMIP: Decide, 3

IMIP: Decide, 1

Coca-Cola: Recycle
Use your imagination and recycle. Our future depends on it.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, São Paulo, Brazil
Art Director: Caio Tezoto
Copywriter: André Gomes

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