4 Unique Illustrations from Learn Something Everyday

Surfing on the web looking for new inspiration, I Found this website called " Learn Something Everyday" with very colorful backgrounds and interesting drawings posted everyday. I don't know if the info is really legit but it's worth checking them out. Here are some of my favorites- Enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

Great posting thanks for sharing. I'm a design student from Romania and this Blog has been very inspirational to me.

Art Classes said...

Very nice post.. I am really impress from your post. Such type of post not only motivate the new designer but also experienced designer.. Thanks for sharing this nice post..

Think Smart Designs said...

Thank you guys for stopping by. It's always good to hear good things about the blog which means the hard work is being payed off. I will be always working ward to bring inspirational stuff and great interviews.Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

super cooool....

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