4 30 Most Creative Alcohol Packaging Designs

There are thousands of alcohol brands in the market today and usually when we hear about packaging advertisements, our general reaction is to stay away from them, But some funny & creative packaging designs keep us engaged and make us wonder. This post brings you a few of alcohol packaging design that are somewhat: creative ,clever and funny. I will start with one of mine, featured on "" website, the number one packaging website - Enjoy

Vines copy

Nice concept by Hanna Backman.

Churchill’s wines.

Tub Gin alcohol packaging
Grape vodka VINTAGE
2008 Holiday Wine alcohol packaging
Black and White Ball alcohol packaging
Premier Barrel alcohol packaging
Takara Shochu Super Jun alcohol packaging
Vinaceous Wines alcohol packaging
Roccafiore alcohol packaging
786 Perfume alcohol packaging
Mr. Burglar Whiskey alcohol packaging
Absolut Vodka Rock Edition alcohol packaging
A la Petite Ferme alcohol packaging
Iced Vodka alcohol packaging
Pisco Wine alcohol packaging
Matsu Wine Matsu Wine
L’Or de Jean Martell Cognac
Karadag Wine alcohol packaging
Frank B alcohol packaging
Colourful wine packaging
Francis Ford Coppola’s wine encyclopedia
Civilized alcohol packaging
Elk & Wolf Chardonnay alcohol packaging
Student Work - George Lin
The Deli Garage Kraftstoff Vodka
Nice Nose Wine alcohol packaging
Steak and Ale alcohol packaging
JOSEFS Brewery alcohol packaging
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Mondo Print Louisville said...

awesome designs! thanks for sharing.

Think Smart Designs said...

You're welcome Mondo

Jeff said...

Some of these designs are nice. Seven eight six looks like perfume—not getting that one.

Premier Barrel looks incomplete.

At first glance, your option would probably work better for a champagne product although the color-play is interesting.

Unfortunately, I see too much packaging with little meaning these days. The problem with alcohol packaging in today's market is that they are working too hard to be creatively clever and not enough on building a relationship with the customer. Absolute has done a very good job at building a brand presence that resonates with their customer base and generates buzz—it's also a good quality product competitively priced to boot. They have also budgeted for long-term relationship building and branding, so that gives them the ability to build consistently upon a level of continuity across product lines.

Interesting post, thanks for the visuals and keep up the good work!

Think Smart Designs said...

I agree with you at some points jeff. But I think your thoughts also apply to a lot of things design related these days.Don't you think?

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