2 All the Logo Design Resources You Will Ever Need

Below is a list of 33 logo design inspirational websites, galleries and resources that will fulfill your every logo desire and addiction!


Approximately 2,000 logos to search through.


A logo resource where you get to rate the logos. Much rate to see the next.

Logo Design Love

Logo Design Love is great website maintained by David Airey, which provides logo design inspiration and articles from all over the world.

Logo Sauce

Showcases other designer’s logos and your own (that’s if you submit of course). Another site that allows you to rate each logo.


Right up there with LogoPond, LogoLounge is another excellent source of inspiration. They also hold contests, news, and publish amazing books.

Brand New

A great blog about logo, identity and branding. Perfect way to gain inspiration and information.


Great website for top notch logo, business card, and Flash/CSS websites.

Brands of the World

A comprehensive resource where visitors can browse and access copies of the world’s most famous brands and logos.


A site that celebrates the use of corporate identity as a management tool, and credits corporate leaders and designers for outstanding work.


Main objective is for businesses to purchase designer’s logos, but also makes for good inspiration.

The Identity Archives Project

A “soon to be premier online keyword-searchable database of logos and brand identity.” Just type in any keyword and watch what shows up!


Logo inspiration for Graphic Designers


Bojan Stefanovic showcases his extensive (to say the least) logo portfolio; some of which were published in Logolounge books.


Yet another great rated logo site.


More great submit-able and rate-able logo galleries.


Design and advertising archives

Stationary Style

Displays a multitude of inspiring design, but focuses mostly on logo design.


A great logo design blog with tons of great inspiration.

Corporate Identity Catalogue

Catalogue of top brands from around the world.

Logo of the Day

Logo inspiration updated daily! Beautiful examples of stunning logos here, and while you’re at it you can rate them.


Carbonmade’s primary function is to allow designers to show off their designs, but it’s a great way to scope out other designer’s projects and logos.
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Logo items

A great place to find promotional items to promote your brand and new logo design as well as a blog on all things branding, marketing and design.
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