5 Energy Drink Packaging. Great or Horrible?

When I buy energy drinks I usually walk into a convince store and randomly buy them based on the cool packaging…admit it! You do it too! Some of them are really cool, some have too much information and some are as horrible as it can be. Here are some examples. If you think they are great or horrible or have any other suggestion you would like to share use the comments below - Enjoy

Bomba Energy Drink

Bomba Energy design by Valentine Associates:

Love the shape of these bottles. I’m a sucker for anything that looks out of the ordinary. Would you guys buy something that looked like a grenade?


Not sure I would buy this – but this is pretty atypical packaging for an energy drink.

Rubyy Blood Orange Energy Drink, has been coined “the first ultra-premium luxury energy drink”. It was launched this year by Maurice Kanbar (the founder of Skyy Vodka) and Chris Huddleston.

Mt Dew

Quite possibly the original energy drink (to me at least…I grew up drinking mt dew). But not t

he package has been changed….still not sure what I think.


I like the simplicity of the packaging, and the playful punctuation. Clever idea to put the flavor as the bottom of the exclamation point. Designed by CBX

Burn Energy Drink

Theres just something about the tall skinny can that alot of energy drinks come in…but check out the typography of the ingredients on the back!!! Design by Ergo ID.


While these vector graphics are probably a dime a dozen, I like the design combined with the bright colors. This drink would catch my eye in the store.


I’m really digging the combination of a subtle gradient and the textured look of the arrows on this packaging. This packaging evokes the feminine in a subtle way.

Design by Hatch


Remember Jolt cola? Well they have been rebranded and now they have a variety of energy drinks in an interesting metal can.


This is another drink that caught my eye….but not really because of the design, but rather the color of the packaging. Its bright and definitely stands out on the shelf. Tastes like crap though :)

Battery Drink

Again not the best design, but an interesting concept.

WTF? Who came up with these ideas?

Here are a couple of…interesting and hilarious drinks. Not sure if they are real, but damn…i could go for some Strawberry Scissor-kick Chuck Norris Energy drink right about now. :)

…just incase you wanted some drugs in your drink?

For the patriot in us all… Patrol energy drink!

Last but not least…BRAWNDO!!!!! The Thirst Mutilator

This….well…is just freaking hilarious! Check out the Brawndo site….and watch the hilarious videos. Great viral marketing and social marketing!

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