9 Important tips to develop a successful personal identity!

This article shows interesting points of how important a logo is . The logo is the most attractive sign for your brand because it is the identity that forms the image of your brand in people minds. - Enjoy!.

Logo = identity = image = sign = Symbol= Icon


Logo is sort of mind mapping about your trademark

logo design

So when you start creating your own logo you should know how to start?

1. First of all , you must know the kind of logo you are going to create, there are No rules for choosing them, it depends on the client or the Designer.

1. Symbol Logo: Consists of Graphical symbol that represents the Brand abstractly. (like McDologo kindsnald’s, Apple, Nike & LG)


2. Text Logo: a Word presents the Brand name in unique font or calligraphy (like Al Jazeera, ebay, Kenwood, Fedex & coca cola )

famous logos

3. Combination Logo: present the Brand name as text + icon and you can use the icon only or text only of both (Pepsi, Hyundi, Adobe & ferrari) it still recognizable if you use the icon only or the text only!

famous logos

2. Secondly, some Basic tips matter in logo design:

basic tips

1. Make it Simple

Your logo should simply present the Brand in recognizable way like Carrefour Logo.

simple logos

2. Remarkable

make it simple and Easy so when you see it from a distance you recognize it .

3. Suitable for brand industry

brand logos

Some logos should reflect the industry and attract people for that industry ( give them the passion).Like Costa Coffee& burger king.

4. Not fake

It is disappointing if you use a fake Trademark, it is inappropriate at all to do something like that, and believe me that will not help you to make your brand unique.

real logos

5. Not depending on other trademark

What will happen if that Trademark you are depending on has just disappeared or Bankrupt!!

facebook logo

6. Everlasting

Is your logo still Great, effective& Remarkable after 5 , 10 , 20 , 30 , 50 or even 100 years!? But no harm in a quite little redesigning.

redesign logos

7. Choose Right Color

The matter is to choose the right color for your Brand depending on color theory

& common colors used for certain industry:

    Authority, dignity, security, faithfulness, trust, reliability, belonging, coolness.
    Deep blues: Analytical, serious. scholarly, academic, naval, regal.
    Pale blues: Calm, pacific, ethereal, fresh, clean, cool.
    Somber, natural, authentic, utility, earthiness, woodiness and subtle richness.
    Environmental, motion, mobility, wealth, natural, tranquillity, health, freshness.
    Warm, cautious, hazardous, cozy, energetic, fun, cheeriness, warm exuberance.
  • PINK: femininity, innocence, softness, health.
    Royalty, spirituality, dignity, sophistication, costliness and mystery.
  • RED
    Aggressive, assertive, intense, strength, vitality, life-sustaining, passionate, courageous, insightful.
    Tropical, sunlit, healing, illuminated, discovery, positivity, sunshine and cowardice.

8. Still attractive and usable in B/W

It should remain attractive & effective in black & white for stationary uses like fax or as a stamp. In fact, you should start designing the logo in Balck and White then give it the Color.

attractive logos

All above issues matter about logo, so trust me if your logo is unique, that will make your brand succeed & people will attach it on their own car or even tattooing it.

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Max said...

A logo plays an important role in brand positioning. It is an important thing to focus on especially when you’re doing business. It has to be unique, remarkable, and very well thought of. Apple is a good example. From the moment of its rise to fame, Apple was not just an ordinary fruit. When you say the word, people would definitely think about laptops and I-phones, and maybe even Steve Jobs. Apple now is making history, a good legacy that will be deeply remembered. That is how logos should be, unique and outstanding enough to be kept in mind.

Max Nilsen

Kevin Beamer said...

When designing your logo, it’s important to keep it balanced. Keep the weight of the graphics, size, and colors equal on each side so that it wouldn’t look over-decorated. Also, size matters, so it’s best to draft your design in paper first and create a lot of drafts to choose from. Choose the one that looks more remarkable and unique.

Kevin Beamer

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