3 Amazing Work Of Terry Border

I saw this on yahoo news and I did my research on this guy called Terry Border. He does amazing stuff with food. His work is fresh with tons of creativity. I'm sure that looking at his art you will definitely not look at food the same again. Enjoy!

Cereal Killer

Kiwi Getting Ready for the Beach

Irony in Pill Form

A Side of Baby Carrots

Star of the Show

Stud Muffin

Honeymoon Sweet

A Horrific Yarn

Appetite for Destruction

Paper Training Our Little Dog, Frank

It's a Dirty Job, But...

Zombies are Nuts About Brains

Fruit With Life Experience

Halloween Candy


Behind the Scenes

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Think Smart Designs said...

Thanks for stopping by logo I will be working on other collections

Silvia said...

Marvellous!!!! Congratulations for your work!. Silvia ( Spain )

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