7 Superb Minimalism Food Products Packaging For Your Inspiration

Simplified package design catches our eye and appeals to our love of freshness. This exploration of minimalism in food products identifies the main elements and aesthetics that work the best in packaging. So in this post, I showcase some amazing minimalism in food products for your inspiration.

Minimalism in Food Products

Walk into a grocery store and you’re likely to be overwhelmed by a virtual explosion of colors, images, advertisements, and product promises. With so many options available, what makes one product stand out over another?

Sometimes it’s not what the packaging adds but what it removes that counts. Simplified package design catches our eye and appeals to our love of freshness. Removing the excess places an emphasis on the product ingredients and quality, an effective marketing decision when promoting something we eat or drink.

This exploration of minimalism in food products identifies the main elements and aesthetics that work the best in packaging.


Think Thin bars, Bear Naked Granola, and The Fresh Pasta Company’s pasta all market themselves as healthy products. Along with losing the extra calories and unhealthy ingredients, these packages have also lost any unnecessary images and colors. See how they stick to neutrals and eliminate too much lettering:

1. Think Thin Image

2. Bear Naked Granola Image

3. Fresh Pasta Company Image


For each flavor, Flackers crackers, Pop chips, and Noosa yogurt pick a corresponding bold color for each label and packaging. Paired with statement typography, and a lack of distracting graphics, the look is definitively modern:

4. Flackers Image

5. Pop Chips Image

6. Noosa Image

Izze Sodas actually changes its logo image to match the color of each beverage flavor:

7. Izze image

Nothing But the Product

For Talenti gelato, Pom Wonderful juice, and Echo Water, distinctive package shapes are enough to catch a customer’s eye. Simple logos and lettering, a lack of graphics, and clear packages allow the product itself to shine through.

8. Talenti Image

9. Pom Wonderful Image

10. Echo Water Image

The technique is often seen on water bottle packaging, to connote purity:

11. Smart Water Image

12. Voss Image

A Single Image

Justin’s Peanut Butter, Food Should Taste Good chips, and Dave’s Gourmet Sauce use a single image, indicative of each flavor while sticking to a neutral color palette of whites and blacks. By getting rid of extra colors and graphics, while sticking to classic packaging, they prove that you don’t need more than one image to stand out.

13. Justin’s Peanut Butter Image

14. Food Should Taste Good Image

15. Dave’s Gourmet Sauce Image

This approach is particularly popular for products with fruit and vegetable flavors or ingredients:

16. Brianna’s Salad Dressing Image

17. Olade Image

Vintage / Retro / Futuristic

While we may associate minimalism with modernism, the truth is that it can be used by all types of companies and products to enhance a range of different styles. Here are three examples that showcase a variety of personalities:


Bonne Maman jam evokes a classic European look with their checkered caps and handwritten script, yet the simplicity of the packaging, colors, and label are pure minimalism.

18. Bonne Manan Image


Hi-Ball soda’s midcentury bottle shapes, typography, color, and graphics produce a streamlined look for that pops.

19. Hi-Ball Image


Mix 1’s health drinks combine nutritional technology with a pared down, cutting-edge look that speaks to a new wave of products and design.

20. Mix 1 Image

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