39 Best Color Spectrum of Web Design Inspiration

Website designs come along in all kinds of colors and tones, from muted greys right through to psychedelic mixes of every color imaginable. This post rounds up a showcase of some of the best web designs from every color in the spectrum, featuring vibrant designs using reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues and purples.

Red Bowl Challenge

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Mike Smart

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War Child

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Chad Mazzola

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Viljami Salminen

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Half Of Us

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McFarlane Change Management

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Bzzy App

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3 Sided Cube

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Freckles & Handsome

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Thomas Aull

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Reverend Danger

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Sunday Best

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DrupalCon Denver 2012

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Shout Digital

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Alfred App

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Don’t exaggerate when choosing colors for your website. Flashy multimedia can ruin your site. Create a strong contrast between a page’s background and its text. You want your product to be the center of attention, so use desaturated colors. Take into account people with visual disabilities as well.

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