3 The Best Photoshop Tutorials to Turn you into a Better Designer

have tried collecting a variety of tutorials from different genre in Photoshop. Some are really very simple and I therefore recommend you not to jump and read those tutorial at the first instant. Have a look at their end results first and think of the various ways you know of achieving such results in Photoshop. If you can progress to some extent in your mind, then it is better to try executing the tutorial yourself and match the end results later. But you should read the all the tutorials at least once to ensure you are not missing any information or if there are some better ways to reach the results.


Super Easy and Cool Flower Text Effect Tutorial in Photoshop

[Read the Tutorial]
A very simple and easy tutorial to create a beautiful flower text effect tutorial in Photoshop.

Portrait Photo to Pencil Sketch with Photoshop

[Read the Tutorial]
Give your photos an artistic look by converting them into pencil sketch with this well-written tutorial in Photoshop.

How to Create a Chalk Logo Effect in Photoshop

[Read the Tutorial]
Learn the techniques of creating a chalk styled logo in Photoshop with this well-written tutorial from Tuts+.

Changing Hair Color

[Read the Tutorial]
A very simple yet effective technique of changing the hair color using Photoshop in minutes.

Advanced Glow Effects

[Read the Tutorial]
An awesome tutorial taking you to an advanced level of creating glow effects in Photoshop.

Creating a Touching Story Scene in Photoshop

[Read the Tutorial]
One of the best Photoshop tutorials which can take your creativity to a whole new level with this amazing artwork design.

Easy Depth of Field in Photoshop

[Read the Tutorial]
A very easy way to mimic the awesome depth of field effect of a high-priced prime lens in Photoshop.

How to Create a Shiny Paint Bucket Icon in Photoshop

[Read the Tutorial]
A simple and easy-to-understand tutorial to create a shiny three-dimensional paint bucket icon in Photoshop.

Placing an Image Inside of Another with Photoshop

[Read the Tutorial]
This simple yet helpful tutorial will make you learn the essential tools and techniques you need to know to place one image inside another in Photoshop.

Design a Professional Wildlife TV Show Poster

[Read the Tutorial]
There are lots of things to learn while you create a professional level wildlife TV show poster in Photoshop.
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