0 30 Clever Coaster Designs for Inspiration

Ever come across a really cool coaster and wonder, “Am I drunk or is this coaster really cool?” Well here is your sober chance to take a look at some clever and creative coaster inspiration. We’ve rounded up 30 coasters that would definitely liven up any bar top or table.
Mehmet Gozetlik

Kent and Jim

Dave Hall

Kaleb Coleman

Niyati Mehta

Tiina Ilmavirta

Yvonne Schüttler

Kamal Patel

Jennifer Stetson

Kelsy VonderHaar

Thapanon Khongraksa

Joshua M. Smith

Devika Khowala

Elizabeth Crowther

David Garcia


Chris Trivizas

Emily Cowdrey

Renee Richards

Jeff Burger

Hrishikesh Shinde

Carolyn Paluch

Simon Bent


Ink Design

Vrinda Kataruka

Margaret Hanson

Matt Heindl


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