8 Cool Online Color Tools

This can come very handy specially if you don't know much about color combinations. Special thanks to The Canonical List of Online Color Resources for Designers

I Like Your Colors
Pull color schemes from existing websites automatically

HTML Color Code Combination Chooser

Online color scheme generator


Create color palettes, or search existing color libraries

Create and share colors, or generate a scheme from an image

Color Scheme Generator 2

Create color schemes by modifying simple options

Color Palette Generator

Allows you to generate a color palette from a photo or image

Color Palette Generator

Turns a photograph into a color scheme

Web Color Combinations Testing Tool

Allows you to view color combinations online


Color matching and palette creation


Web-based color-mixing tool

Color palette creator v1.6.1

Color scheme generator

ColorJack: Sphere

Online color scheme creator

GenoPal Online

Free tool for finding harmonious color schemes


Create and share color schemes online

ColorToy 2

Flash color-scheme generator

Downloadable Software

The Color Schemer

Downloadable software for viewing and mixing color palettes

ColourMod Colour Picker

Color picking tool for your desktop or web application

ColorZilla Extension for Firefox

Simple extension allows you to quickly pick colors from the web

Pantone to RGB and CMYK

Allows you to convert from Pantone to CMYK and RGB


Color theme creation software


Simple and free utility for selecting colors

Anry Color Picker

Color selection and harmony generator

Color Schemer

Variety of software tools from Color Schemer


Easy color palette creation in Windows

Color Oracle

Color-blindness simulation software for Windows and Linux

Color Schemes

Colour Lovers

View, rate, and review colors and palettes

Colorcell Ranking

Color schemes based on reproductive and evolutionary techniques

ColorBurn Winning Schemes

Winners of Firewheel Design's "ColorBurn" contest

Sherwin-Williams Color Trends 2006

List of interior design color schemes

Website-ready color schemes

Great list of color palettes ready for use with Color Schemer software

Web Color Combinations Library

List of user-generated color schemes

Fashion Trendsetter

Color schemes based on fashion trends over the years

Color palette predictions for the 2007 home

Interior design color schemes from Pantone

Grammy Award Winning Album Colors

Color schemes from 2007 album covers


Search for designs and color palettes by individual colors Inspiration

Inspiration site listing color palettes based on images and photos

Daily Color Scheme

New colors schemes every day...until Sept. 2006, anyway

Color Schemes (Standards for Life)

Nice schemes from a variety of sources

Browse web designs by color, and see schemes for each site


Create and share color schemes online

Individual Colors

List of colors

List of named colors (including hexadecimal values) from Wikipedia

Color List

List of named colors, including gamma variations

Color Shades

Colors and lighter shades in hexadecimal format

Design Melt Down

Awesome site! Lists great-looking websites by their dominant colors

Web 2.0 Colour Palette

Specific colors used by popular Web 2.0 websites

Color in Motion

Interactive flash website exploring colors


Browse colors by category

Color Codes Matching Chart HTML

List of Pantone, CMYK, and RGB (hex) equivalents

Fashion in Colors

Explores color as a design element in Western fashion

Hues to Use in 2005

Adam Polselli's famous color forecast

Skin Color ChartsCharts

Charts describing how to mix skin tones for painters

Color Blender

Quick tool for finding colors between two other colors

VisiBone Webmaster's Color Lab

Classic site with charts, downloadable color palettes, and more

moreCrayons - Web-Smart Palette

Tools for finding web-smart colors


List of named hexadecimal colors

Techniques and References

Color guidelines for brands

Cultural and psychological connotations of individual colors

Color Theory

A simple introduction to color theory

Instant Color Schemes

How to pick create a color palette from an image

The Art of Camo

Article about the fine art of creating camouflage

Color Rules of Thumb

Simple color theory and tips, with examples

CMYK (for Those Who Do RGB)

Explanation of CMYK colors and how they're used

Colour Schemes

Article about different ways to create color palettes

Colour (Web Page Design for Designers)

Article about colors, schemes, inspiration, and design

Colors Found in Nature

Explanation of how to find color schemes from photographs

List of palettes (Wikipedia)

List of computer color palettes

Why Color Matters

Explanation of the importance of color in marketing and business

Color theory (Wikipedia)

Great article about general color theory principles

Colors on the Web

Articles about color usage online for designers

Color Glossary

A dictionary of terms related to the science of color

Choosing color combinations

Explanation of how to select color combinations for websites
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