6 Great Branding Ideas for Inspiration

I always liked simple ,sophisticated and clean designs where the colors don't distract from the overall design and just work harmonically with it. I found these cool branding designs from Graphic Exchange website. A good reference for those who are intro branding design.

Graphic exchange with my friend Reno Orange
posted on personal section on january 14th

Just having some fun like we did some years ago with my friend Reno Orange... A battle, as it is sometimes called... I start working on an image he sent me a while back (I ask him what it is, he tells me, I draw it in photoshop with textures and things I have...)... I work on it, resend it to him, etc... until we get this final image you can see on the splash page today...

Image 01 : Reno
Image 02 : me
Image 03 : Reno
Image 04 : me
Image 05 : Reno
See image in big here.
Julian / Restaurant Branding
posted in identity section on january 29th

by Jordan Gray | Nathaniel Cooper | Brent Anderson | Photography by Gabe Hopkins
Anouk Rehorek
posted in print section on january 28th

Most of you know Behance for their Creative Network... And maybe some of you have heard about the nice products their team develops: "Action Method", to help designer organize their ideas...
Expanding their line of notebooks, they just created three new "eco-friendly" models to encourage productivity. Back to a nice collection of printed products..."

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caligirl said...

That's an aspect of design I never have give a thought till your posts,you are always a great source of inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Those are great examples of quality of work, creative, fun and dynamic

ELo Designer said...

Thank you caligirl..

Anonymous said...
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