8 Most Clever Billboard Ads You Must See

Here is a series of creative billboard ads…
Nike Ball
Pepperidge Farm Soft Bread: Pole vault mat
Nike Football
Wrigley’s Orbit Ice Mints: Fresh Breath
FedEx Kinko
Mondo Pasta: Boat
Bic Razor: Billboard
Pantene Anti-Breakage Shampoo
Rodenstock Eyewear: Giant Banana Peel
Anti-smoking: Big Smoke
Alliance Theatre: Pick
Terminix: Fries
Lego: Crane
Woodland: Climbing Shoes
Tennis Masters Cup: Racket
Rimmel Quick Dry Nail Polish: Fast
Tibits Vegetarian Restaurant: Fork
Moserbaer: USB Truck
Gorge Grown Farmers MarketNike Ball
Penline Stationary: Strong Tape
McDonald’s: Pole
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